Manual work for students (5866/2.)
Our agency can offer a manual work for students in a factory, this job opportunity does not require Hungarian language knowledge, in our team there are international students. Tasks: manufacturing cardboard packagings; offset boxes and trays and commercial displays.
1150-1600 Ft
Elvárások If you want to work here, we need: • Social Security number (TAJ) • passport number • student card (you should be active full time student or passive student under 25 years old) • tax number • bank account number • 1000 HUF (membership fee) Before the work you have to come to our office to fill the papers.
Előnyök Salary: weekdays during the day is gross 1150 Ft/hour; weekends during the day is gross 1300 Ft/hour; every day during the night is gross 1600 Ft/hour. (gross – 15%=net) The students go to work by our company car (white FORD TRANSIT). They start at 1085 Budapest, József krt. 53 from the car park and after shifts they arrive at Corvin negyed or Keleti Station.
Munkaidő afternoon shift when our company car leaves at 13:00 and the shifts are 13:30-22:00; morning shift when our company car leaves at 5:30 and the shifts are 6:00-14:30; night shift when our company car leaves at 21:00 and the shifts are 21:30-6:00; If you are interested in, please register here. We wil
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