Job opportunity for students! (3455/6.)
Apply for student jobs with your friends! Long-term and occasionally jobs opportunity! These jobs opportunity do not require Hungarian language knowledge, in our team there are international students. Tasks: handle and move merchandise; commissioning with barcode reader; manufacturing cardboard packagings, offset boxes and trays and commercial displays.
1150-1350 Ft
Elvárások If you want to work here, we need: TAX ID number; Passport number; ID card number; Bank account number; 1000 HUF membership fee. We can only accept this in cash; Student Card (if you do not have valid sticker in it, or you do not have temporary student card, please take with you a certificate of student legal status).
Előnyök nincs
Munkaidő Shifts: from Monday to Friday, fixed 8 hours shifts. Place: Budapest and surrounding cities Gross salary: from 1150-1350 Ft/hour
Munka típusa Fizikai
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